Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Sunday. In Living Color.

This is how today sort of went down ...

Some people took naps ...
Some people got new sparkle skirts.  Don't they look like loving cousins?
Of course they do.  However, this was five minutes after the crying,
screaming fight about a toy and not sharing and wanting to play by
oneself.  Amazing the peace-keeping properties of a sparkle skirt!!

At some point during the late afternoon, I started having a few gastrointestinal
issues.  I decided that a hot shower would be in order.  As I was letting the steaming water warm up my body, I looked down at my feet and discovered that I had no nail polish on my big toe.  I was a bit amazed, as I had not taken off any fingernail polish on my big toe.  I felt the toenail in question, and there was a toenail there - but it was weird.  I then surmised that my toenail with polish had fallen off (this was the toenail that had the blister under it after the Dopey races in January).  Then the bigger question became, "Where is the painted toenail?"  Did anyone want to help me look? Of course not!  However, while I was picking up some stuff in the den, I found it.  Between Lindley's chair and Steve's chair.  So what does one do with an old toenail?  I will have to look on Etsy to get some ideas.
Anyhow, that was my Sunday - hope yours was equally as fun and exciting!!
Today was a great day because:  visiting Charity at Sonic; Lindley and Everley time; finding my lost toenail; finishing Lindley and Everley's sparkle skirts

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Marilyn said...

Cute pics til I got to the toenail one! Is that the one that you went to the doctor about? Guess you need some more red polish now.