Friday, March 21, 2014

Another LaLa Sleepover!

Due to various commitments by their parental units, Everley and Lindley were open for another sleepover at LaLa's tonight.  Lynnette came over, prepared to also stay should I need reinforcements.  However that plan was nipped in the bud when Lindley asked twice when Lynnette was going to leave, and then told Lynnette that she could go ahead and leave and have some quiet time at home.  To which Lynnette complied.

After consuming something that resembled dinner, another viewing of  "Frozen," and a bath that involved several bath drops (little beads that turn the bathwater colors, but when you have two girls put in two drops each, it turns the water a color similar to wretched river water green), foamy soap, bath paint, and bath crayons (hey, whatever it takes to get them in the tub), we were soon ready for bed.  It was decided that since PawPaw was out of town, we would just all sleep in LaLa's bed.  There was a bit of position jockeying, but soon we were settled with Everley in the middle.  We watched a bit of Disney Jr until Lindley decided we could turn it off.  Then we had a bit of conflict resolution, since Everley likes to sleep sideways and kick whatever is closest to her feet - which might have been Lindley's stomach.  Then it was time to get up, change one's diaper while the other one went potty, and then brush teeth.  Back to bed and eventually to sleep.  With no more kicking.

And all was good for a few hours - at least until 7am, when it would seem that everyone was up, or in the words of Anna of Arendell, "The sky's awake so I'm awake." It was time for breakfast.  As in the breakfast of champions. 

Hey, a LaLa's got to do what a LaLa's got to do!!

Today was a great day because:  KB airport run; Lindley and Everley time; MB picking up Baja for dinner

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