Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!!

According to various sources, today is the first day of Spring.  Of course, these sources would not be those who are still seemingly in the throes of winter - and expecting more to come.  In Nashville, we see it as a day on the calendar for hope for warmer weather, while we still keep an eye on our coats and gloves - and on our supply of milk and eggs in case of that freak winter storm that might come our way.

There are signs of spring.  My tulip tree is sprouting buds, which I hope don't get nipped by a sudden cold spell.  My knockout roses are showing new sprouts and I'm wondering if I should prune them back yet.  The grass is slowly turning green again and I'm wondering if that's the grass or weeds.  And as things turn green, I'm reminded of the cold winter we had by the brown parts of my yard, and I'm wondering what has actually survived.

Of course there are other signs of spring - baseball spring training in Florida (Steve's annual trip - that I didn't go on this year), college basketball's March Madness (which I understand is a doozey his year), and of course, Disney's Flower and Garden Festival (which I'm not at - at least yet). 

So I guess, spring is here - hope your winter is over!!

Today was a great day because:  I watched two more movies via DVD (a record week for me); got one or two things accomplished; four slow miles with KB

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