Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nobody Needs A Grumpy Day

Last night I went to bed grumpy because I had not done some stuff that I needed to do.  Then during the night I had a dream that made me grumpy.  The dream was that I was on a cruise (Disney, duh) but on my cruise reservation it had the wrong name so I had to track down the cast members to get it straightened out, but then the people I was travelling with (I shall not name names because I am nice like that) would not tell me our stateroom number and I had to stand around trying to find our stateroom.  I finally started going to every stateroom to try to see if my key worked.  I had not found my stateroom by the time I woke up, so that put me in a grumpy wake-up mood.  Then my ankle started twitching and I was supposed to walk with KB, so that added to my grumpiness.  However, once we got out in the cold weather and started trudging down the road, things improved.  Still don't know where my stateroom is, though ...

Anyhow, as I was picking up my sausage biscuit from McDonald's, I wondered about how other people might handle their grumpy days.  Would the person preparing my sandwich spit in it because he/she was having a grumpy morning?  Would the person who had a grumpy dream behind me in line honk at me because I wasn't moving fast enough?  Would my cat scratch my one piece of unscratched furniture because I didn't feed her a can of tuna?  In a term used normally for good, What Would Grumpy Do?

I know what Grumpy would do - stay grumpy.  But maybe that's the lesson I have to keep in mind.  Just because I'm grumpy doesn't mean anybody else has to be.  Just because I can't find my stateroom is nobody's problem but mine, so why make problems for someone else (except the two offspring who wouldn't tell me).  In other words, Grumpy does not have to be as grumpy does.  Maybe it just takes shaking it off, or letting it go, or walking it off.  But most of all, it takes exchanging Grumpy for Happy.  After all, they are in the same gang!
Today was a great day because:  Two slow miles with KB; picking up McDs for breakfast; Steve's dancing solars for KB and Co; snowstorm; call from Miami half marathon about mailing me my medal

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