Monday, January 2, 2017

And It's Already January 2

Molly and I head to Disney tomorrow, and guess what - I'm not packed! Technically I have packed my race outfits (because at Disney, if you're in my pace group, you have to look Disney-cute, mainly because your pace is so slow, you need to justify being in the race). The rest of the packing I will do tomorrow, which will be the usual counting of the underwears and tossing in black capri stretchy pants and whichever clean/non-stained/non-hole shirts I can locate.

Last night Everley and Lindley spent the night, so we all slept in the Animal Kingdom room upstairs (because it has the king-size bed). We watched "Storks" which I couldn't quite get in to, but seemed to occupy both girls - well until after 11pm (okay, so we didn't start watching until nearly 10 - that's what you get when you sleep over at LaLa's). Since nobody had school/day care today, and parents had to work, Emmatha came over and we all spent a lazy day at LaLas.

The good news is that Sam came with a workout friend and carted off the treadmill and exercise bike. Yes, I know - most people purchase these types of machines in January to start off the year with good health intentions. Me? I get rid of it!! Actually, we've had both for many, many years, and their use has steadily declined over the years. Sam's workout place agreed to take them off my hands, and in just a short while the machines and a basket of other exercise-related equipment made their ways out the door. I did keep my punching bag, because it's the only thing that I am determined to use. So does that mean I have given up on fitness? No - it means that I am ridding myself of useless stuff that clutters up my life. We belong to the YMCA, which has plenty of equipment for me to use - I just have to get my butt up there and use it. Meanwhile, my sunroom now looks more like a restful sunroom than a hoarder's delight - and that makes me pretty happy.

Anyhoo, that's my start to 2017 - hope yours is starting out stellar, too!!
Today's blessings include: Everley, Lindley, and Emmatha time; Everley and Lindley sleepover; Maribeth delivering Sonic for dinner; fun photos from Marilyn and family's WDW trip

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