Sunday, January 8, 2017

Marathon Day!!

Today was an early start. It was also a cold start, so Molly suited up in her warm outfit we purchased at Wal Mart yesterday. I loaded up my backpack with her supplies and headed to the Magic Kingdom. The first place I will see her is outside the Shades of Green resort.

Of course, I get to my spot way too early, and end up sitting in the cold for way too long. I had several ponchos in my bag, so I looked quite the sight. Of course I could have returned to the Polynesian (across the road) to sit in the warmth while I waited – but what fun would that be?

Soon the front runners (and I do mean runners) came along, followed by the thousands of others. And soon there was Molly! She was doing well, and didn’t need any supplies, so she soon was on her way.

I crossed the street and headed for the bus to the Animal Kingdom, which is the half way point of the marathon, and where I would see Molly next. By this time, the sun was up and things were warming up a bit.

I set up where I usually see Molly – at the front entrance. Several runners who were scheduled to do the cancelled half marathon yesterday decided to do half of the full today. So I saw any of them as they pulled off the course and went in search of a bus back to their hotels. When doing the marathon, Molly always stops to do the Expedition Everest roller coaster, which she did today. And then soon, she came trotting along. She took a few refreshments, and then headed along for the last 13.1 miles.

I caught a bus and headed for our last meeting spot at Hollywood Studios. We decided to meet at the exit of Tower of Terror (she didn’t ride that one). By this time, the sun was up and people were looking a little hot. Soon Molly came along and took some refreshment, and maybe a little siesta. But soon she got up and headed for the finish, just a few miles away.

I caught a bus and headed for the finish at Epcot. I managed to catch Molly (eating her Mickey bar) as she rounded the corner for the finish line. Another Dopey in the books for her!

I think it's 4am. And cold. And Molly is stylin'!

At the half-way mark. And after riding Everest!
She looks pretty good!

At Hollywood Studios. Around Tower of Terror.
And time for a little rest before the final big push!

And she's almost there! Energized by her Mickey Bar!

Post race poutine at Canada.
Cuz that's how we roll!!
Blessings today include: finding Molly at all our spots; watching all the runners and their costumes; lunch at Le Cellier; naps in the afternoon!

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