Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanks For Mondays

Mondays aren't always the most welcome days of the weeks - unless you start counting your blessings.  Then maybe Mondays will go by a little quicker and a little happier.

For me, these are the things today for which I am most thankful:
  • A house, while under remodeling and very dusty, that is my home and is a meeting place for gathering as a family, remembering past experiences, and creating new ones
  • Remodel projects that turn out so much better than you hoped
  • Remodel people (wonder what I've been doing all day?) who are good at what they do and do their jobs with integrity and precision
  • Technology like facebook that helps me catch up with friends, learn new things, and even provide a chuckle and/or a tear
  • People who cook meals for me to eat, sometimes for a night and sometimes for a week 
  • Freezers that store food and grills that cook it
  • The Postal Service that delivers mail from here to there
 Hope you've had a blessed Monday!!
The Good Stuff From Today; glass dudes who installed the rest of Steve's shower; getting back to salad lunches; cute text Everley pics; Everley time;  Steve's Bubba Burger dinner with Mathieu and Everley; visiting Molly at her house

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