Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I admit it - Halloween has never been one of favorite holidays. For one thing, I hate all things scary. My children will tell you that I banned any Disney movie with a witch in it, the same reason I don't like "The Wizard of Oz." I also didn't like dressing the kids up in costumes to go beg for candy, which I would have to deal with afterwards. It just seemed like much ado about nothing.

Maybe it had to do with Halloween when I was little. We lived out in the country on a farm, and trick or treating involved dressing up and going to exactly three houses - my grandmother's next door, our sole neighbor across the street, and my great aunt and uncle down the road. The only Halloween I really remember is the one when we dressed up my brother as a ballerina, but that's probably another story.

But now that my children are all grown and out on their own, maybe Halloween isn't so bad. Now I buy the good candy, just in case I have to eat the leftovers. Now I get to answer the door
and see little cuties in their costumes (or the lack thereof). Now I get to hear cute comments from little ones, like two I got tonight - "There's no plant in this pot," (no, it died back in July), and "Let's go to the next customer. Oh wait - we're the customers!"

So maybe Halloween's not so bad. It just took me 50 years to get here!
Things that make today great: Seeing Molly in her Meany Minnie costume; trick or treaters

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