Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Person's Treasure ...

The other day as I was walking in my neighborhood, I came across this treasure by the side of the road. I was intrigued by this display because of the apparent effortless sculpting involved. I wondered if the depositing dog did this with all his eliminanations, or was he a one-hit wonder? I wondered if he was proud of his finished masterpiece. And I wondered if he was with his owner, was his owner too impressed to scoop it to toss it away.

At any rate, I was impressed with the finished product, which in its own way, was natural art. Which just goes to remind us to look carefully at things - what looks like dookey to you is art to someone else - and sometimes the dookey may be yours!!
Things that make today great: Logan's lunch delivery by Molly; lunch with the M's; Karen at boot camp; sewing Molly's Minnie skirt; super shuttle arranged for 3-day

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