Monday, October 19, 2009

Old Age Hangover

From that decadent chocolate milk shake, that is. It's really not my fault. Steve and Maribeth wanted chicken tenders from Fat Mo's, and Steve added a chocolate milkshake. I guess we AARP-ers also succumb to peer pressure, because I followed Steve's lead and ordered my own chocolate milkshake. It was so good, I had to drink it as quickly as possible, all eight billion calories of it. It stayed delicious - until about 30 minutes ago. Now it is just a lead weight in my gastro-intestinal system.

Of course, like other kind of hangovers (or so I've been told), the best thing to do is to sleep it off. Which works out well, since bedtime for us oldies is before 10 pm.

So, let's review: excess, hangover, sleep. Maybe things don't change so much over the years after all!
Things that make today great: Eric at car service department; shuttle driver; 5 miler in the beautiful fall weather; hot dog lunch with Molly; hitting the driving range with Maribeth; chocolate shake from Fat Mo's

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