Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Highlights

1. Walked 4 miles at 6am in cold weather with four friends - even though we didn't stop for breakfast. It beat snoozing in the bed for an extra hour or two. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

2. Decided to go to McDonald's for breakfast, since I burned at least 31 calories ambling down the sidewalk for four miles. Opted out of the drive-through because of the long lines and pulled around the parking lot, feeling quite please that there was a parking spot close to the door - only to find out that it had a McDonald's "reserved" sign. Who was it reserved for and why that particular spot? Since nobody was around for me to ask, I left and ended up at Sonic.

3. Ordered a breakfast sandwich and drink at Sonic and paid with my credit card, even though I had been to the bank and had $20. Instead of using cash, I credit carded and then tipped 75 cents, the only change I had. I think the carhop was thrilled with the tip and plans to open a savings account.

4. Came home, ate breakfast, took a shower, and started the laundry process. Went over to check on the progress of Maribeth and Mathieu's house remodel and made some executive decisions. Maybe the green polka-dots won't be so bad ...

5. Went to fabric store to look for a pattern and fabric and ended up getting both. Found out a few hours later that I had left the pattern on the store counter. Luckily they held it and I was able to go by and pick it up. When I got home, I decided to start work on sewing project, which was hampered by cats who like to (1) hear the rustle of patterns when they paw them, and (b) prefer to sit on top of uncut fabric when I get the scissors in my hand. Sewing project delayed.

6. Cleaned out litter box and wish cats would take care of their business when they are outside. Cats laughed and went to scratch on chairs.

7. Decided to balance checkbook and could not figure why computer said I was broke while online banking said I was solvent. Found that I had entered a $113 debit as $11,300. Decimals suck sometimes.

8. Decided to restart sewing project. "Secretariat" was on television, so I had something to distract me, until sewing machine decided to act up. Decided to give it a rest and threw cats outside for some total peace and quiet.

So I guess it's time for bed - it's been a busy day and the cats are out, so the prospects are good for a decent night's sleep!
Today's blessings: Chatting with the girls for 4 miles; getting projects started; more Christmas presents delivered and wrapped; nice sales people

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