Monday, December 12, 2011

And ... I'm Done!!!

With my "make-it" Christmas presents, that is. I finished the last one today and wrapped it along with the consolation present that each make-it will include. This means that I am finished with Christmas shopping and all of the gifts have been wrapped and put on top of the chifferobe in the living room next to the Christmas tree. We can't put them under the tree yet, since Lindley has figured out that presents are made to be opened immediately as soon as they are located. Also, since they are all wrapped and put in one location, there will be none of that, "Wait, did you not open the (insert gift name here)?" and the resulting search under the bed, in the closet, up in the attic, for the missing gift (which may not be found until next July). All I have left to do is pick up a few things to help Santa out with the stockings.

Oh, and in case next fall I blog about how I chose another "make-it" Christmas, PLEASE STOP ME!! That is, if the recipients of these gifts doesn't retire the category this year!

Today's blessings: Watching "Love Actually" and "Elizabeth I" while finishing the last gifts; picking up Maribeth at the airport; Steve picking up Applebees for dinner; Omaha Steak delivery from the Graves

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