Monday, December 19, 2011

Buddy Bear II's Lesson

This is Buddy Bear.  Technically, it's Buddy Bear II, but that's part of his story.  Here's how it goes:

I bought Buddy Bear I in New York a while ago for Lindley. Eventually Buddy Bear I ended up in Lindley's crib for bedtime snuggling purposes.

When Lindley started her new school this fall, she was asked to bring a blanket and snuggle friend for naptime.  Rather than run the risk of forgetting Buddy Bear I at school and having bedtime drama, Lynnette decided to arrange for Buddy Bear II to arrive and accompany Lindley to school.

However, even though Buddy Bear II was from the exact same company as Buddy Bear I, he was not made of the same quality fabric as Buddy Bear I.  In short, his paws shredded at the seams, and his ears soon followed.  With one paw completely off, he was also losing weight, via losing his stuffing.  So, Buddy Bear II was brought home from school and a steady stream of replacements were sent to school as substitutes.

Today Sam brought Buddy Bear II over in the hopes that something might be done to help Buddy Bear II.  I found some leftover flannel and stitched some new paws, ears, and feet.  He also received some replacement stuffing for his limp little arms.  Although it wasn't done with the expert stitching of his original maker, he seems quite pleased with the results.

In fact, that's the lesson of Buddy Bear II.  Even though I was sticking him with a needle and sewing him up somewhat sloppily, he kept his smile.  Maybe it was because he was happy to be whole again.  Maybe it was because he has hopes of returning to school with Lindley.  Maybe it was because he is thankful that so many people cared enough to help him out.

I'm not sure, since he really doesn't have a voice to tell me.  I just hope that the next time somebody gives me a helping hand, even though it might hurt a little bit, I have a smile on my face.  Why wouldn't I, if somebody cares enough to make me whole again?
Today's blessings:  Steve bringing McCabe's Pub for lunch; finishing a last-minute idea Christmas present; repairing Buddy Bear II; seeing pictures of old classmates

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