Saturday, December 3, 2011

And They're Back

Maribeth, Mathieu, Molly, and Steve came home after a week of cruising/golf (you figure out who did what). Molly came home to find a clean house (thanks to her housesitter) and that Rambo had not run away. Maribeth and Mathieu came home to a finished deck and refinished floors. Steve came home in time to pack a bag and leave with Sam for a golf outing in Alabama.

Meanwhile, I had purchased bread and milk, set up Maribeth and Mathieu's bed, filled Steve's car up with gas, and picked up the major messes in the house.

Home, sweet home!
Today's blessings: Lindley time; Factory for lunch with Sam and Lynnette and cheesecake for Lynnette's birthday celebration with the family; Bill Cox help with Maribeth and Mathieu's bed; safe travels for the family; cruise prizes from the cruisers

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