Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Twelve Days of Make-It Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, I got out my Christmas list. (Dang it!  Why did I choose to make everybody's Christmas gifts again?)

On the second day of Christmas, I got out my sewing machine.  (And watched it drop a stitch, break the thread, get all jammed up.  Where's the decoupage stuff?)

On the third day of Christmas, I got out my sole cookbook.  (And burned the brownies, forgot to add the sugar, turned the oven on too high.  Who called the Health Department?)

On the fourth day of Christmas, I got out some paints and canvas.  (Forget the paint-by-numbers - won't just painting the entire canvas one color lend more to the imagination?)

On the fifth day of Christmas, I got out some knitting needles.  (And started the blanket which turned into a scarf which turned into a hotpad which quickly unraveled all by itself when I took a bathroom break.)

On the sixth day of Christmas, I bought some silk flowers and a vase.  (The vase broke when the cat knocked it over and the cat was so scared it took off through the front door, trailing the silk flowers behind her.  While the scaredy-cat didn't seem to mind the thunderstorm, the silk flowers did!)

On the seventh day of Christmas, I decided to write a poem.  (Which turned into Haiku since I only had to come up with three lines, which sounds easy until you have to factor in the syllable count.  Poetry is not poetry if a calculator is involved).

On the eighth day of Christmas, I decided to make a CD mix.  (Really?  As if I (a) knew how to make one, and (b) knew where a blank CD might be in my house!)

On the ninth day of Christmas, I decided to create a powerpoint presentation of our family.  (Yep, right after I do that CD mix thing.)

On the tenth day of Christmas, I decided to make my own candles.  (Until I found out I could get a gross of them at Dollar Tree for a dollar.  Time, particularly mine, is money!)

On the eleventh day of Christmas, I decided to make everyone matching Christmas sweatshirts.  (Yeah, that should go over well - can't wait to see the family picture of that!  Why don't I just bang my head against the wall now?)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, I got on my computer and ordered gifts the easy way.  After all, I picked it out, ordered it, and paid for it - all by myself - isn't that making it?!
Today's blessings:  4 miles with Karen B; Mathieu and Maribeth's new bedroom and bath finished!; moving furniture at Maribeth and Mathieu's; Lindley-sitting (albeit late)

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