Thursday, December 22, 2011

Davidson Crock Pot Christmas 2011

Tonight we celebrated our family Christmas.  Sam, Lynnette, and Lindley will leave tomorrow to spend Christmas with the Ogles, so tonight was our big night.

 We had decided months ago to have Crock Pot Christmas. Past Christmases have included Cereal Christmas, Magic Bullet Christmas, and Disney Christmas, just to name a few.  This year, everyone was to bring their part of the meal that was prepared in the crock pot.  Apparently, this could include contributing to Molly's 3-Day fund if she would prepare yours.  Anyhow, we ended up with turkey breast, boiled peanuts, hash brown casserole, macaroni and cheese, spinach dip, mulled wine, and chocolate cake (yes, chocolate cake in the crock pot, and it was quite good!).  Because we are such high-class people, we just took the crocks out of the pots and placed them on the table.  We also used the Thanksgiving plates, which if you have a discerning eye, you might be able to figure out where they came from.

Now for the part you've all been waiting for - Make-It Christmas presents.  I would like to say at this point that the recipients were not drunk at the taking of these pictures, nor do their expressions convey their feelings about their gift. At least I don't think so.  Anyhoo, on to the gifts:

 Sam's gift was an original painting of the track at the ESPN Wide World of Sports at Disney World.  On it are cutouts of him and Lindley at her kids' race in October.  As you can see, he was dumbfounded at my artistic talent.

 Molly, who is not possessed by the way, got a pink piggy bank for her desk at work in which to receive donations for the 3-Day.  On the pig is original artwork depicting the walk.  It's a wonder what one can do with a plastic pig and sharpies.

Lynnette gets the acting award for most enthusiastic.  She got a lap blankie made from squares of Lindley's baby clothes.  Lucky for Lynnette, she has skinny legs, otherwise the blankie would barely be large enough to cover her feet.
Steve got a "Fudge-O-Meter" for the frig to let the candy makers in the house know when he is out of homemade fudge and is in need of some more.  Of course, it would have been nice if there had been some fudge to accompany the fudge-o-meter ...

 Maribeth got 3 hospital gowns for her upcoming days in March when Baby BoBo decides to arrive.  Maribeth decided to demonstrate the Velchro tabs on the shoulder.  She also decided to demonstrate her labor-day game face.
Mathieu got a blankie for the hospital made from the leftover bits of Maribeth's hospital togs so that he will know which laboring woman is his.  He's hopeful he will get a little shut-eye in the hospital  We'll let him live in his little fantasy world for now.

Lindley got Elmo/Abby Cadabby pajamas and blankie.  She was far more interested in the play money Uncle Mati gave her than any boring clothes, so we have no picture of her.  Hmmmm - money over homemade clothes.  The girl has her priorities straight already!

So there you have it - another Davidson Christmas in the books.  And we didn't even have to order from Papa Johns!
Today's blessings:  Davidson Family Christmas and all that it entailed!!


Denise in PA said...

Love the Crock Pot Christmas idea! Great Make-It gifts too (love the lap quilt made from baby cloths -fabulous!) Merry Christmas Luanne!

Kat said...

*LOVE* these!! My favorite, of course, is the quilt. Yay you!!!

Luanne said...

Okay ladies, between the two of you, I think the term "quilt" is a bit of a stretch - hence the term "blankie!" I leave the professional terms to the professionals, or should I say artists, like you two!!! Have a Merry, Merry!!