Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Make-It Update

As of today, I have four out of six make-it gifts done. I still have one to make and one to come up with the idea so I can make it. I have consolation presents to go with the make-it present so that the recipient at least has something that might be usable. The four finished make-its (and their consolation accompaniments) have been wrapped, so I am really ahead of the game.

Now if I could just learn to paint/quilt/sculpt/and~or whittle, I might get that last make-it made!!

Today's blessings: Free hot fudge cake and lunch at Shoney's and shopping with Steve; chicken dinner with Sam, Lindley, Steve, Molly, Maribeth, Mathieu, and Adam at Molly's; texting with Marilyn during Biggest Loser; Nigel the dog's health improvement; more Christmas presents delivered


Denise in PA said...

Good job! If you lived close, I'd love to teach you how to quilt! o:)

Luanne said...

I have in my mind to take a beginning quilting class sometime in 2012. Can one be expelled from a beginning quilting class, or do they have remedial classes for the slow of learning? ;)