Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Good Saturday And Lessons Learned

It started with the Snowflake 5K. Actually, it started earlier than that when Karen texted me, saying, "Are we going to be snowflakes this am?" Lesson #1: Always have a jogging partner, because generally nobody wants to be the loser and say, "Naw, we ain't wogging - we're staying in bed!" This morning I was not the one who texted hoping for an out. Instead, I was the one who said, "Yes. We be dumb." So we went to the 5K where it was cold and wogged our way to a finish.

Along the way we had our picture with Santa. Lesson #2: If it's Christmas and you agreed to be Santa, please try to generate a little enthusiasm. Even senior citizens still believe in you!!

After we got home from the race, it was time to shower and clean up, since the Karens, Dawn, and I were going to lunch and the "The Nutcracker." Even though I had just logged 3.1 miles, I decided that I didn't need a coat. I thought wrong. Lesson #3: If it's cold and it's December and it's Nashville, carry a coat. It's better to shed than shiver.

Since the cafe we had chosen was only a few blocks from TPAC, we decided to park midway in-between the two locations. We passed one parking lot next to the cafe, rounded the block, and ended up in the parking lost we passed. Lesson #4: Save gas and choose the first parking lot. You're going to end up parking there anyway.

Although we did have a rather long wait for our food, it was delicious. I had a pimento cheese grilled cheese sandwich with a fried green tomato inside. I did say this was a Southern comfort food cafe and not a healthy-for-you cafe, didn't I? Since time was getting tight, we told our waiter we needed our four checks quickly. Karen also told him that she wanted a piece of cherry cobbler, and to put it on her check. Luckily Dawn was the brains of our party and suggested that perhaps he not only going to bring four checks, but also four pieces of cherry cobbler and put it all on Karen's check. Karen jumped up and ran to Mr. Waiter, who confirmed Dawn's suspicions and rectified the situation. Four checks, one piece of cherry cobbler, four spoons. Lesson #5: Always bring one smart person when eating comfort food, since the comfort of the food tends to numb brain cells.

We had time to walk the two blocks (shivering a bit for me) to TPAC, visit the restrooms, and find our seats. We barely managed to stay awake during the first act, get beverages to awaken us during intermission, and settle down for the second act - until Karen said, (as the house lights were going down), "I think I left the candles burning in my house when I left." Needless to say, the Sugarplum Fairy could not dance quickly enough for Karen. Lesson #6: Eating comfort food before a performance in a dark, warm room will induce drowsiness; make sure Red Bull is the beverage of choice. Also, blow out any candles when you leave the house, lest you remember that you didn't blow them out and remember nothing of what conspired during the second act.

Once the play was over, we headed back to Karen's, whose house was still standing and not on fire. We parted ways and made plans to walk for the upcoming week. Lesson #7: Spending time with good friends is a gift in any season - but during this season of peace and goodwill, it's even better!
Today's lessons: Snowflake 5K with Steve and Karen and race swag; Lindley time; lunch and Nutcracker with Karen B, Karen P, and Dawn; planning to use Groupon for dinner with Steve and arriving at restaurant only to find it closed (as in out of business)

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