Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bingo for Boobies!!

... was a great success!  We ended up raising over $2000 for our 3-Day walk.  Special thanks goes to KB for arranging the whole soiree at her office, and Jo for being an awesome bingo caller.  And here are the pictures to prove how great the evening was!!

Drinks - the best way to start things off!!

Chocolate cupcakes - the second best way to get things going!

Pink ribbon cookies - made by Molly!

The silent auction - which pulled in some big bucks!

Lucky Duckies - so what if you claimed your prize and then picked the ducky!

The accountant and money-manager of the team.  And cookie maker.

Our poster about us - our favorite people.

Our tip jugs were a big hit - mainly due to Molly's and KB's bras, though!

B-11, B-B-11!

We be done - but we had a great time!!

Today's blessings:  finishing projects for Boobie Bingo; Boobie Bingo and meeting new friends; Mathieu's safe travel to Nashville


Denise in PA said...

Fabulous! It sounds like it was a blast - wish I could have been there! o:)

Marilyn said...

I love Bingo! Glad it was a big success and glad to see that Mathieu is back in town- hope all are ready for the new arrival :)