Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning - Phase 1?

Today we had a window washer and his assistant come over and clean our windows, inside and out.  They also pressure washed the gutters and the house.  I won't bother even attempting to explain why my windows and gutters were so dirty that they needed professional help.  Let's just say I don't do windows (like a lot of other cleaning stuff around my house).

When Mr. Window Washer was cleaning the inside of the windows, he mentioned (very delicately) that perhaps I might want to take down my curtains, as they were a bit dusty (as in "really lady - you want clean windows and then you're going to hang this dust rag from it?").  So, we took down the curtains (which wasn't that hard, as they were handmade by me a few hundred years ago and were pretty basic panels).  I washed them and hung them up, and everything just seemed so much cleaner.

I'm not sure what the moral of today's story is.  Maybe it's that clean is as clean does.  Maybe it's that to do a thorough job you have to do all the jobs that are associated with it.  Maybe it's that if there's something you don't like to do, there's somebody that will do it - for a fee, which makes everybody a winner.  Maybe it's just that on a great spring day when you want to open your windows, the spring air is a lot better when it is blowing through clean windows and curtains.

I would like to say that now I am all invigorated about spring cleaning my house.  I would also like to say that I am all invigorated about exercising and eating right and losing weight.  But I won't.  I'll just say that they all seem like good ideas to me, and maybe tomorrow I'll get started on at least one of them.

Today's blessings:  Window washing crew and clean windows inside and out plus clean (but raggedy) curtains; picking up Lindley at day care and going to the park with PawPaw and BoBo; granite details with Maribeth

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Marilyn said...

Everly will be glad to have clean windows and curtains when she arrives to visit you :)