Saturday, March 17, 2012

Everyone Needs Something To Look Forward To

Unfortunately, this is not one of them - for me, anyway.  

My 3-Day team, Udderly Pink, decided that having another yard sale would be another major fund-raiser (our first one was just after we decided to do the walk and we decided to have a garage sale the night before we had it).  Originally we had scheduled this one for the weekend after Easter in April.  However, this morning, KB (AKA Tall Karen, AKA Blond Karen) and I decided that since the weather has been so fine in Nashville, that perhaps we should move it up to a weekend in March.  I should mention that we had just finished wogging a 5K (undertrained as usual) and our brain cells were not functioning (as if that were ever a consideration for our thinking). 

 Anyhoo, we sent out a group email (meaning Molly sent it out on her fb and my phone) to get everyone's opinion on this schedule change.  I think at this point, the realization that there were two weekends left in March started to sink in.  Everybody seemed to think it was a good idea, and KP (AKA British Karen) said that she could only do March 24.  Which is this Saturday.  Which means I am having a major yard sale at my house in 7 days.

Mind you, my house is in consideration for a new reality show called "Hoarders or Just Plain Sloppy - You Decide."  I have been collecting everybody's stuff for our future garage sale, and it's all piled in my sunroom.  The piles are pilfered, as I had to go through the boxes, sacks, and piles to unearth prizes for our other major fundraiser, Boobie Bingo.  In addition, I have been moving stuff down from the upstairs in anticipation of our future remodel/spruce up of the upstairs (which I have been anticipating for over a year yet have yet to get anybody to do), so I have additional junk all over the place.  And I won't even mention the other piles of unpacked stuff from spending the past two months skedaddling from one place in Florida to another.

Yes, this is a golden opportunity to clean up my house.  And my act.  Or as Molly suggested, just put a price tag on everything and see what's left.  And I won't mention how stoked I am having the team over to my house to see my collection of dust and dirt.  

Oh well, it's all for the cause.  Or in my case, there's always a reason for a messy house!
Today's blessings:  Lindley time before their trip to Columbus; Steve, Molly, Sam, and Lindley's safe travel to DGiz's birthday; 5K with KB; Mathieu and Maribeth's house remodel progress; dinner with Mathieu and Maribeth

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