Saturday, March 24, 2012

We Organized, We Sold, We Made Some Money

After hours of sorting and organizing and pricing, we finally declared our yard sale open.  We assembled beginning at 5:30 am (when KB brought doughnuts and champagne) and soon the rest of the the team trickled in.  Molly and Steve put out our bright pink signs and KP brought the Starbucks.  Soon Sharon and Jo rounded out the team, and we were in business!!

We had our share of Scrooges, like the dude who wanted the weedeater for $2 (okay, so he did go up to $5 - he still didn't get it) and the chick who wanted everything else for a quarter (which she succeeded in, mainly because she came at the end and we were ready to end it all).  KB kept her blood pressure under control with those cheapskates, but it was probably due to Molly's mimosas.  Steve brought us lunch, albeit at 10:30, mainly because we were starving and it was for the good of our customers.  The weather was beautiful and the rain held off until after lunch

Many, many people donated just for the cause.  Two men from Tip Top Roofing came by (we've had a lot of such companies coming through our neighborhood due to hail damage) and took a donation sheet because they plan to donate to our cause with a company check.  We met many breast cancer survivors and added names to our "walking in honor and memory" posters.

In the end, we raised almost $2000 for our 3-Day Walk in San Francisco.  We boxed up the leftovers and Steve and Daniel hauled it off.  We were exhausted and ready to go home for naps.  All in all, it was a most excellent day!
Today's blessings: Udderly Pink team and yard sale; my neighbors' donations; customer man who donated $20; Tip Top Roofing; Steve picking up lunch and grilling steak for dinner; Marilyn's Edible Arrangement delivery

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Denise in PA said...

Awesome! But , 5:30am and champagne? I'd be back asleep by 6! LOL