Monday, March 12, 2012

No Bach For Me!

Of all the idiot "reality" shows that I watch, "The Bachelor" is not one of them.  Apparently my sister does, so I tuned in tonight because it seemed that tonight was "the big night."  The two minutes that I could watch before my brain exploded consisted of a girl giving Bachelor Ben a scrapbook with some pictures of them stuck on the pages.  I think Lindley could have done a better job, because it looked like Girlfriend threw the scrapbook together just before she gave it to BB.  In the bedroom.  Where she gushed about how much she loved him.  Anyhoo, I just googled and found out he didn't choose her.  Probably because the scrapbook sucked.

Oh well, I enjoyed Ellen's updates ever so much more:

Now if she would just update "Biggest Loser" and "Housewives of Orange County," I wouldn't have to watch them, either!!
Today's blessings:  lazy day at home; Molly getting cruise details fixed


Denise in PA said...

I do not watch the Bach either. I couldn't even stand the previews for this season! Idiot reality shows I do watch are RH - but only NJ and Beverly Hills. But don't tell anybody o:)

Marilyn said...

If only they had The Bachelor when we were single, think how much Evelyn would have enjoyed that! I am honestly glad it is over....until the Bachelorette :)