Friday, March 9, 2012

Important Tea Party Etiquette Via Lindley and Friends

1.  One must wear stickers.  The more, the better.  Coordination with nail polish color is optional.

2.  Must wear Disney apparel - if it is to be hidden underneath jumper, part of ears must be showing.

3.  Hair adornment mandatory - if fascinators are not available, hair bow will do in a pinch.  Especially if  aforementioned bow involves some sort of Mickey pattern.

4.  Brown blobs should be foisted on to others.  Be sure to choose pretty food.  And if there is only one cup, be sure to snag it first.

5.  However, should you not get a cup, do not be dismayed - just swig it straight from the teapot!!

Today's blessings:  Bongo Java with Molly, KB, and Jo; catching up on bills and paperwork; lunch and dinner furnished by Molly and Mathieu and Maribeth; race picture ordered

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