Friday, July 12, 2013

A Successful Experiment

Team Udderly Pink is entering the heart of our training.  That means we are starting to rack up the miles - theoretically, anyway.   With team members being out of town, our actual schedule has been a little off, but it's time to get with the program.  Along with entering the heart of our mileage, we're also entering the heart of the summer in Nashville.  That means that it's getting hot here.  So, the simple equation of long mileage plus hot temperatures equals not such a pleasurable experience.  So, we decided to try an experiment and do a long walk in the evening, when the temperatures would be a little cooler.

Tonight was our scheduled evening walk.  We decided to start at 6pm, for unknown reasons.  Maybe because we thought that would give everyone time to get home from work and prepped for the walk.  Maybe because we thought the temperatures would magically drop 30 degrees in the hour between 5 and 6.  Maybe we thought some of us needed a Happy Hour before we walked.  But for whatever reasons we decided to start at 6, and met in our designated parking lot and set out along with a guest walker friend of Molly's.  Who entirely had way to much energy for us old folks.

Several hours later, we determined our "night walk experiment" a success.  That means we will never do it again for any walks over 6 miles.  Why?  Let me list the reasons ..

1.  Unless you are in the bed sleeping all day, you will probably be busy doing stuff all day, so if you are planning to walk 10 miles beginning at 6pm, you're probably going to start tired.  And just get tired-er.

2.  If you've had a bad day mainly talking at (notice I did not say "to") stupid ignorant people, you're not going to want to talk to anybody for the hours and hours that it's going to take you to walk 10 miles.  Not that was a problem for us because we are all such wonderful women.  But it could be. 

3.  Hot is relative.  Especially if you're menapausal.  That means that some people would be hot walking in January in Alaska.  But I'm not naming names.  Let's just say that 6pm didn't make a whole lot of a difference.

4.  News Flash - when one starts walking 10 miles as slow as some do, it's going to get dark before one finishes said 10 miles.  Unless you're walking in Alaska.  Which we weren't.  Dark is not so much fun to walk in, except that it possibly hides the foul silent language that might be coming from the mouths of some of the participants.  Again, not anybody that I might know ...

Anyhow, we managed to get our walk in without getting hit by any vehicle while walking in the dark on a road with no sidewalks.  We also decided that we probably wouldn't do it again, and instead go back to getting up at the crack of dawn to get the big miles done.

But the best part of the walk was AFTER, when we all went to my house to prepare for tomorrow's yard sale.  It wasn't pretty, but we managed to pull everything out of the sun room and into the carport, and promised to meet in the morning to sort it out. It's going to be epic yard sale, just about as epic as tonight's walk ...
The Good Stuff From Today:  Everley time and MB/Everley sleepover; UP training walk; taking Steve to airport

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