Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Well, There You Go ...

It seems that I'm often waiting for "just the right moment" to get something started.  I keep deluding myself that there's going to be a moment in time, or "a sign", or an event that will spur me to action.  But it's all bull-mahoney because there have certainly been enough moments and signs and events that should have propelled me to a multitude of actions.

And then I saw this sign today.  And I realize that I'm not looking for a sign - I'm looking for an excuse for inaction.  I'm looking for anything that will keep in inert and immobile and certain in my belief that "it's just not the right time to gitterdun."

And the sad truth about the whole thing is that if I keep waiting for that moment, that sign, that event, it is never going to come because in reality, I don't want it to come.  I want to laze away in my inactivity, hoping that I won't have to do anything.

But apparently now I have seen the sign.  And it's time to get going.  I can't say that I'm happy, but I know one day I will be.  And when I get my stuff together, and people ask me what got me there, I'll just say that I saw the sign that said, "Get going."  And so I did.
The Good Stuff From Today:  short walk with KB; Everley time; going with E to see Lindley's room update; travel planning; yard dudes cleaning up my yard

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