Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy July 4th!!

Molly and I had a plan.  We had Magic Kingdom tickets, a Disney resort reservation, and a Crystal Palace reservation for dinner.  We were bound and determined to get into the MK for the July 4 special fireworks show.  We had heard that this was the one of the two busiest days of the year (the other being Christmas Day) and a day that could be a Stage 4 Closure (this is Disney speak where Stage 1 is parking lot closure - you can only enter on Disney transportation; Stage 2 is ticket booth closure - only pre-purchased ticket holders can enter;  Stage 3 is only open to annual passholders, dining reservations, and Disney resort guests; and Stage 4 means you have to be a blood Disney relative).

Anyhow, we did not want to spend 12 hours in the park and wanted to get there with only a few hours to kill.  Sure, we could ride the rides, but with that many people in the park (and might I mention the hot, muggy park from the recent afternoon rain) we did not want to wait in the 90 minute wait lines.  Instead, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom around 3pm and entered with no problem.  We walked around a bit and had dinner at 5.  Then came the important decision - where to park ourselves for the best view?  We decided on the area that is actually designated as the smoking area, but was open for all on this night.  The tables and chairs were already taken, so we sat on the floor with the magazines we had brought to read - for the next three hours.  We weren't disappointed, as the views were beautiful and we had a front row seat (just ask the bazillions of people who crowded in behind us).  Here are just a few of the pictures Molly was able to take ...


 It was an awesome show, well worth the wait - we'll see you here next year!!
The Good Stuff From Today:  fireworks at the MK; chatter on the bus on the way home; dinner with Tigger


Marilyn said...

I think I am needing a MK fix :)

Denise in PA said...

Nothing like fireworks at the 4th of July at Disney! When we did Saratoga Springs had just opened and we sat right on the patio across from DTD and watched those fireworks right in front of us - just awesome!