Saturday, July 27, 2013

And The Fail Goes To ...

Here was the situation:  Maribeth had to work today delivering the mail and Mathieu had National Guard duty.  So that left Everley unattended until after lunch and therefore needing supervision.  Of course, PawPaw and LaLa volunteered for the task.  PawPaw volunteered to go over to their house at 6:30am when the parental units needed to leave, since he likes to get up early and LaLa was still wandering about the house hoping not to laugh or cough because her chest/back muscles were still sore from her recent late-night activity.

Eventually E woke up, PawPaw fed her some semblance of breakfast and brought her back to the Doik (our family home name, for those of you not in the know).  At some point Moo (aka Molly) came over to help and pick up LaLa for a Sonic run to meet up with Charity (cruise buddy) for some cruise notes.  PawPaw and E were going to stay home, take a ride in the wagon, and hang around until Moo and LaLa returned.

When Moo and LaLa returned, the sun had come out and PawPaw decided that he would take Everley to the Y pool.  Moo and LaLa said they would make a Target run and pick up Everley in about an hour.  Moo changed E into her swimming outfit (yes, outfit, as E has about as much natural sun protection as - well, she basically has none, so she basically needs something designed by NASA or a SPF of 200).  Anyhoo, the swim diaper and the swim suit got loaded onto the baby and PawPaw and E took off for the pool.

LaLa and Moo headed to Target and were there for approximately 15 minutes when PawPaw called wanting to know what they were doing.  When it was explained that they still had 45 minutes until pick-up and no, they had not planned to pick up E and THEN go to Target, then PawPaw was clear on the plan and said he would see them soon.

So, LaLa and Moo finished at Target and headed to the Y, talking with Lynnette and Lindley (who were headed to the Doik) about possible lunch.  A place was decided and Moo placed the order - which would be ready in about 45 minutes.  It seemed like a long time, but LaLa and Moo decided it was acceptable and headed on to the Y.

Upon arrival at the Y, PawPaw spotted them and headed out to the car with a very wet Everley.  When the three adults met up (with one wet baby), a discussion was held about the following:  a towel to dry the baby (there was none); a pink backpack containing dry clothes for the baby (PawPaw did not have but LaLa had put in car#2 and brought), keys for car#1 (which PawPaw had driven to the Y because it had the car seats in but had left the keys in his chair by the pool but LaLa had forseen and had brought her extra keys), keys for car#2 (which LaLa was going to give to PawPaw but he had brought his set anyway and they were with car#1 keys lounging by the pool), and the kicker discussion topic - dry diapers (which were not in the pink backpack because the extra swim diaper was on the couch at the Doik because nobody thought to put it or any other diapers in the pink backpack).

So, the decision was to take off the swim diaper and put Everley in her dry shorts for a quick trip to Publix to buy diapers, hoping there would be no pee-age on the way.  Which was a great idea until Moo started to tear off the swim diapers (because the little buggars don't come loose and reattach like regular diapers) when she suddenly notice a little prize in the bottom of Everley's diaper (which makes me never want to go into a kiddie pool ever again).

So, here's the situation:  we have a wet baby with a poopy, half-torn off swim diaper (and at the moment, that was all she had on), who is still wet because there is no real towel to dry off (although we did yank out the towel under the car seat which is there to prevent toddler spill from said car seat from reaching the actual seat underneath, which probably says a lot about its cleanliness).  So we had to make a quick decision.

Somebody needs to answer for this!!!
Which was, we got the extra pair of shorts and put them over the half-torn-off saturated-from-poolwater diaper, put the questionably cleanish towel in the car seat with her sun-helmet-hat on top, put the baby in the seat and strapped her in, and headed to Publix, which happened to be a few doors down from the designated take-out place.

LaLa flew into Publix and got the necessary diapers and wipes (yes, wipes - we had some cleanin' to do).  While Moo went in to get the food, LaLa worked her magic and got the baby out of the yuckies and into some nice, dry, clean diapers and clothes (including a shirt) without incident, unless you count the slight boink on the head from the seat belt latch as she laid Everley down on the passenger front seat to perform her duties (which Moo was super-thrilled about upon her return to the car and realized that the poopy diaper dilemma had been solved on the seat upon where she was sitting).  Moo is a single lady and has no kids.

Anyhow, we were unsure as to whom to blame the day's activities on until on the way home, when Moo checked out the take out sack and discovered the two pieces of chocolate cake that were ordered were not in the sack.  Gee thanks, Zoe!!
The Good Stuff From Today:  fun with Moo and Baby E; Lindley and Everley time

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