Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Last - I Mean Latest - Yard Sale

After last night's walk, I wondered if anybody would be able to get up and come to my house at our agreed-upon time of 6am.  Because I have such stellar teammates, I needn't have wondered.  KB and Sharon showed up as planned and Molly came soon after bringing needed Diet Cokes and breakfast.

Our Temporary Treasurer
We quickly sorted and priced (thankfully we didn't have all that much) and soon the yard sale was on.  Our enthusiasm was not exactly off the charts, but our main sellers KB and Moo did manage to coax some $$$ out of some buyers.  At noon we loaded the leftovers into Sharon's car and she took off for the Goodwill Collection Center.

In the end, we made a little money for our 3-Day Walk, got rid of some junk, and swore we'd never do it again.  At least until the next time ...
The Good Stuff From Today:  UP yard sale and buyers; Everley and Lindley time; Jet's Pizza for lunch

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