Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stuff I Got Done Today

Worked out with KB.  Which means we walked around the cars and then went to Pancake Pantry for breakfast.
Installed a magnetic bar thingy on the picture ledge above my desk.

Made an Ursula dress from fabric from the yard sale, as requested by Lindley.  Complete with a train in the back.  And a matching cape.  It's amazing that with enough sparkles and sequins, the questionable actual seamstress quality of the finished product is completely overlooked by the 3-year-old client.

Harvested my tomato crop.  So far I've picked four tomatoes.  Delicious!!

Changed the sheets on my bed, at least I did once the Housekeeping Supervisor finished grooming herself and I relocated her.  It's time to change your sheets when you can't remember the last time you changed them.
Cooked dinner for the family.  Yep, you heard me.  Beef tips, mashed 'taters, cornbread, veggies, and brownies for dessert.  And iced tea to drink.  And watermelon to round it out.  I guess I can mark July off for cooking ...

The Good Stuff From Today:  getting stuff accomplished; Lindley and Everley time; family dinner; Molly making her 3-Day BC Walk goal thanks to Jeff and Lisa


Girl with a Goal said...

What a lovely dinner.

Luanne said...

Thanks Camille! Although I won't be publishing any pictures about it, not with certain cooking blogs I read!!!