Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Domestic Thursday

First I did this, mainly because we're having guests next week.  And mainly I did it to the upstairs because that's where they'll be staying.  And the sheets haven't been changed since ....  And I wanted to make sure that either of the cats hadn't left any "surprises" up in the corners ...

Then, KB and I met at Molly's last night to make cookies for the fair at Marilyn's where we hope to raise money for our 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk.  While they may not have been the prettiest cookies in the history of cookies, we're hoping that people will contribute to the cause.  We will be manning a booth at a community festival in Valdese, NC, where Marilyn lives. 

More on that later ...

The Good Stuff From Today:  rainy day to get stuff done inside; Everley and Lindley time; pizza with most of the fam; cookie-making with Molly and KB

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