Friday, August 2, 2013

What Happens At LaLa's ...

Sam and Lynnette both had out-of-town engagements, so Lindley gets to spend the weekend with me (or I get to spend it with her, depending on who's doing the talking).  Everley had her first week of day school this week, and today she stayed out due to a fever from catching new germies from her classmates.  Since both her parents were working today, Baby E also came over for the day. 

Just because I used to teach for a living doesn't mean that we have organized activities when I am in charge.  Well, unless you count having recess all day.  Anyhow, just thought I'd give you an idea of our Friday ...

Coloring.  Which mainly consists of Lindley coloring one tiny object then telling LaLa that she needs to color all (yes, ALL) the rest of the picture or add some windows to the already-drawn house.
743 hours of Disney Jr.
A new princess dress - Tinkerbell to be exact.  It was necessary because of the dangers of running through the house in a full-length Cinderella ball gown.

Another 783 hours of Sesame Street.  Which is best viewed up close and personal.  Actually, it's only viewed for 76 seconds.  It just needs to be on for the rest of the time in case something important happens to Elmo.

There was food consumed - several popsicles and containers of Capri Sun (the flavored water edition, and what are those containers - sacks?).  There were also a few spoonfuls of tomato soup and a piece of a cookie (which Moo only allowed if 5 spoonfuls of soup were consumed).  There were two cans of baby Cheetos that were inhaled and maybe some other baby food sponsored treats that grandmas like me want to believe are nutritious but probably aren't. 

There were naps (by everybody) and books read and baths actually taken (by the kids - LaLa is looking forward to a shower in the morning).

All in all, a successful day, as no babies were harmed in the documenting of the day ...
The Good Stuff From Today:  Lindley and Everley time; Molly coming over to help out and get dinner, accompanied by Lindley; Lindley in her new Tink dress; pics from KBs trip; safe travel for Steve to GDiz's house

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