Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What I Do In My Spare Time ..

Mainly because all the "stuff" that I said I had too much of and too much to do - well, I don't want to do any of that stuff, so I do other stuff instead.  Like write special little books for special little people.

My newest endeavors are for my new great-niece who will be born soon.  I started this series of "Nurse Mae Mae" books for my other great-nieces when I found toys that resembled my sister's car - a convertible (in other words, the toy cars had no tops).  For my great-niece Morgan, I found a Duplo car with a nurse (my sister's a hospice nurse) and since they call her Mae Mae, she became Nurse Mae Mae.  Her car was named Mabel by a friend of Marilyn's, Mabel being short for "Marilyn Mobile."

So anyway, I wrote little ditties for Morgan and her sister Madison, so now it's Tilly's turn.  Just as soon as I get pictures to put on the back of the books, I will send them off to her so she can start reading about the adventures of Nurse Mae Mae - at least the ones suitable for young eyes and ears!!

The Good Stuff From Today:  almost finishing Tilly's books; beautiful day; walk around the 'hood with KB

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Marilyn said...

Tilly and I look forward to reading your latest volumes.