Saturday, May 2, 2015

Disney Birthday Bingo Magic!

Molly and I decided to do something fun for KB's birthday. Molly created a Bingo game that would require KB to complete some tasks in order to get her birthday prizes. At the time, we thought all the squares would be pretty easy - which is why sometimes we need to think harder ...  However, thanks to some Disney magic, she eventually managed to cross off all her squares. And here's how ...

  • One square required a Vinylmation trade (if you don't know what a vinylmation is, it's a little plastic Mickey-type figure). However, upon arriving for this trip, we found out that they don't do vinylmation trading anymore. However, pin trading was a square, and when KB traded her small collection of pins, she traded one for a vinylmation pin. Which she promptly traded for another vinylmation pin. Which, according to the wording, is technically a vinylmation trade!
  • One square required a finding a cast member with the name "Karen." Which was proving to be more difficult than expected. However, as we were on a bus leaving the Magic Kingdom, a dude who was sitting next to KB asked her about her Bingo board. After talking a bit, he looked at her Bingo and said he was a cast member and worked with someone named Karen. We asked if he had a photo of her and he said he did! And we asked if the photo included her name tag, and it did! So we took a photo of KB holding Dude's phone with the photo of Cast Member Karen (and her nametag) on it. Which, according to the wording, is technically a photo with a cast member named Karen!!
  • One square required viewing fireworks. However, we were too pooped to stick around for the MK fireworks, so we headed back to our resort. We thought they would have them at the start of the 5K we would be doing (they wouldn't). However, as we headed back to our resort, we had a great view of the Epcot Illumination fireworks. Which again, is technically seeing the fireworks!
  • One square required getting a princess autograph. Which should have been easy-peasy since we had a fast pass to see Cinderella and Rapunzel. However, once we arrived at Fairytale Hall, we were told that there would be a 20-minute (at least) wait, even for the fast pass. We were getting hungry and didn't want to wait with the sad (and screaming) little ones, so we opted to go eat. Steve met us at Cosmic Rays, which is right across from Merida. Which had a long line, so we decided to eat (we have our priorities). After eating, we came out on the Merida side, and KB decided to ask the Merida handlers to see if they would just take the paper up to Merida and get an autograph. Unfortunately, Merida was about to go in for the night. However, Gracie, a magical moment cast member, listened as KB explained her quest. Gracie said she knew Cinderella, and if we would just wait a few minutes, she would go and get the autograph. And she did!! And you wonder why we love Disney!!
Anyway, eventually all the squares were filled. KB got her prizes and hopefully had a fun birthday weekend. I know we did!
Today is a gift because: fun at Blizzard Beach; getting Run Disney shoes; Expedition Everest Expo; Bingo successes; finishing Expedition Everest 5K; seeing the new Avengers movie with Molly and KB; eating at the food trucks at Downtown Disney

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