Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lindley Day - And Baby's Day

After last night's sleepover, Lindley and I headed to pick up her mom to take her to the airport. Along the way, there was discussion of a Starbucks run - from Lindley, not her mom. Anyhow, after dropping Lynnette off, we headed for a treat. Which sort of also counted as breakfast. I mean, don't cake pops count as breakfast?

Later after we got back home, we decided to give Baby a bath. Baby is Lindley's doll. It's an original Cabbage Patch that she found while visiting her grandparents in Texas. And no, it's not an old doll of Lynnette's. Anyhow, after a year of constant attention and love, Baby had grown a bit dirty - shall we say filthy?  So I decided to give Baby a cleaning. Lindley told me repeatedly to watch Baby's eyes - because they could come off. With that admonition, I searched the internet for cleaning instructions, and did the best I could. Apparently it was a semi-success (she still had a few dingy spots), because Lindley said, "She has rosy cheeks!"  Now we'll see how long she takes to dry!!
Today is a gift because: airport run for Lynnette; Starbucks with Lindley; cleaning Baby 

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