Friday, May 29, 2015


I am currently in a love-hate relationship with Facebook. In many ways, I do enjoy it. I like catching up with friends both old and new. I like learning about people that I know and don't know (because the don't-knows have been linked to friends and I click over to the don't-knows stories and start reading because I like non-fiction and this is like reading a book). I like it because I learn stuff like hacks on everyday stuff and recipes that look delicious but I know I will never make. I like it because I see photos of people and I see sayings that I like. However ...

I don't like it because sometimes I agree to be friends with people that end up polluting my newsfeed with their rants and ravings that hurt my brain. I don't like it because I see old friends that look just like they did when they graduated high school (okay, so maybe it's a reality check I don't like). I don't like it because it takes up a lot of my time (okay, my choice, but still ...). I don't like it because people and places want to use it to sell me stuff (okay, so maybe Amazon pulls me in from time to time). I don't like it because sometimes people post things that are cryptic and I don't understand so my brain hurts again.

So what should I do? Quit facebook and not know stuff or read interesting stories? Clean up my friends - and which ones would that be? Limit myself to a certain amount of facebook time every day - will really need to work on my Evelyn Woods speed reading techniques.

Yep, it's going to have to be one of those. Now to figure out which one ...
Today is a gift because: taking MB and Molly to airport; quiet night at home

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