Monday, May 11, 2015

He Listens - I Just Need to Listen, Too

Last night's plane ride wasn't too bad. Well, compared to the ones I read about on the internet. Before any flight, I always look at the weather - the weather from where we're leaving, the weather along our route, and the weather where we'll be landing. After doing my weather research, I knew there would be a possibility of "interesting" weather along the way. Which means bumps of various degree.

The first bit was fine. The pilot even turned off the seatbelt sign (as if it mattered to me). I even had my cranapple juice and snack. And then the bumps started. Granted, they weren't bad. It was the equivalent of driving in a car over a bumpy road. The only difference is that in a car, I'm on land. On a plane, I waaaayyy up in the air. And I can't fly.

Anyhow, once the bumps started, I did what I usually do - pray. I always pray the same prayer - "Dear God, please keep this flight smooth and safe. Please find us some smooth air." Depending on the length of the bumpy weather, I may just keep saying this. Over and over. And such was the case for this flight. I just kept repeating it like a mantra.

Until I heard God say, "I heard you the first time." Yes, God speaks to me. Out loud. When I listen. This time He made it clear that not only had He heard me, but that He had this under control - if I believed Him and trusted Him. And so I did.

I stopped my constant prayers, told God I trusted Him, and found something to read. Did the bumpiness immediately stop? No. Was the air suddenly smooth sailing flying? No. But I knew if I was not going to panic, I was going to have to believe and trust. And so I did.

Eventually the weather passed, or we passed over it, and landed safely at Nashville. And once again, I was reminded that God hears us when we call on Him. We just have to trust and believe and listen - He's always there, always listening, always caring, always answering.
Today is a gift because: sleeping in; unpacking the suitcase; Baha Burrito dinner with Sam, Lynnette, Lindley, Steve, and Molly

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