Friday, May 15, 2015

One Way To Spend A Friday ...

So it started out as a regular Friday. Marilyn and Eddie were still asleep when I left to go sit with Everley until she woke up and we headed to school. Once that happened and was finished, I headed home and was there a short while until I got a text from Lynnette, asking my opinion on a subject. She had gotten a call from the school saying that Lindley had fallen on the monkey bars, and they were unsure if she needed stitches or not. Lynnette forwarded me the photo, asking if I thought she should take Lindley to the ER or to the pediatrician. I suggested calling the pediatrician, since they would still be in the office (my kids always waited until after hours on a Saturday night before inflicting stitches-possible injuries). She did, the pediatrician had an opening, and I told Lynnette I would meet her there.

We met up there, with Lindley holding a compress to her chin. Once inside the office, the doctor looked at the injury and determined that it could be remedied with glue (have you ever tried to explain the efficacy of glue on a wound when all she can reference is Elmer's?). Thank goodness, no shots or stitches!!  After treatment and a few stickers upon exiting, Lindley decided to go to my house, while her mom went to Sonic to get lunch and an M&M Blast for the patient (this may or may not have been prescribed). Anyhow, after the blast and a nap, and except for a glued-together chin, all seemed right with the world once again.

Meanwhile, Marilyn, Eddie, and Cindy (Marilyn's college and life-long friend) had returned to the house after their errands. They are all in town to give a wedding shower for the daughter of another friend Peggy. Since neither Marilyn nor Cindy live in Nashville, but the daughter does, they asked to have the shower at my house. Which, if they didn't care, I certainly didn't. So now it was time to decorate for the party.

They had decided to have an evening party outside. And while the rain was holding off, the wind wasn't. Which wasn't helping trying to put tablecloths and such on the tables. At some point, Steve and I left to pick up Everley at school and take her to her house (Maribeth and Mathieu were both working). Once we had deposited her, we decided to go to a movie, and afterwards decided to go have a bit to eat - date night?  As it turned out, we decided to go to Shoneys, as a sort-of recreation of our first date about 39 years ago. We returned home to enjoy some dessert from the shower and bestow best wishes to the engaged couple.

Anyhow, as you can see, it was a pretty full Friday. Hope Saturday is a little quieter!!
Today is a gift because: Taking Everley to school; Lindley's chin not needing stitches; Lindley time at the Doik; getting ready for the shower; rain holding off for the party; picking up Everley and taking her home: "Pitch Perfect 2" and Shoneys with Steve; peach cobbler at the party

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