Saturday, May 9, 2015

Just A Wog Through The Park

Today's race was the Tinkerbell 10K. One of the best things about races at Disneyland is that you can walk out the front door of your hotel and in five minutes you're at the start (no getting up to catch a 4am bus). Sure, the race still starts at 5:30am, but you don't have to get up until 4:45am. Trust me - it's a huge difference!!

Anyhow, we got up and headed to the start, which happened to be just outside our hotel. Katie is staying at a different hotel, so we met up with her (Nancy, clearly the smartest of us all, stayed in bed). Soon it was our time to start and off we went. This is a fun 10K because most of the race is in Disneyland or California Adventure. There were a lot of things (and people) to see along the way, and I had a few interesting conversations along the way. Eventually I finished and met up with Katie and Molly. 

Katie went back to her room to check on Nancy, and Molly and I headed to Disneyland for breakfast since it was early opening today. However, once we got inside Disneyland, we found out that none of the breakfast places were open yet. So instead we headed to Starbucks and found sustenance. On our way out, we stopped for a photo op with Goofy, who insisted that he and I get a photo together, since I was wearing my Goofy New Balance shoes!

Molly and I returned to our room to catch up on our sleep we missed this morning since we had to get up so early. Sure, we managed to get some lunch and even ventured out of the room for some dinner at California Adventure with Katie and Nancy (having to detour around the parade route in the process).  Molly decided she needed another one of the peanut butter chocolate sandwich thingy she found at the candy shop - pre-race fuel and all that!

Anyway, we have to have an early night tonight since we have a race tomorrow. And we certainly want to be ready for that!

Just wondering - what do people do at Disney when they don't have a race to do the next day?
Today is a gift because: fun 10K with other slow runners and chatting with them; Starbucks and breakfast and Goofy; dinner with Katie and Nancy; tv remote control fun

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