Friday, May 1, 2015

That's No Way To Start A Vacay!!

Although we did stay up late last night retrieving Molly and KB from the airport, I was looking forward to a day of eating my way through the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot. Okay, and maybe looking at a flower or two. However, as they say, best laid plans ...

I had already gotten up once this morning to go to the bathroom and all was fine. And then I decided to get up again and BOOM! An unwanted visitor decided to join me. And its name is Vertigo. In other words, I got up, sat up on the bed, and realized the entire room was spinning around me. As if I were in the tea cup ride (which I never ride - for this very reason). And so I went back to bed, hoping the room would stop. As in immediately. It didn't ...

I've had vertigo before several years ago. And I NEVER (and I mean NEVER) go on any ride that spins around very fast. I did that several years ago when Maribeth and Molly convinced me to go on some whackadoodle roller coaster type thing at Animal Kingdom. And then promptly spent the following hour prostrate on a nearby bench, begging for a case of Tylenol. In other words, Dizzy and I do not get along. So when its cousin Vertigo decided to pay me a visit, I was not a happy camper.

Meanwhile back at the ranch as I lay in the bed holding my head, Steve got dressed and left to play golf. He did mention to Molly that things were not going well in our room. Molly and KB arose from their slumber, asked if I needed help (to which I mumbled no thanks), and then left me to my misery in their quest of Epcot munchies. And perhaps a drinky or two. Which meant I would have total quiet to do whatever it would take to calm my spinning head.  Eventually after some Tylenol, sleep, quiet, sips and snacks of this and that, my head decided to return to some sort of calm. Steve, Molly, and KB returned from their adventures, bringing me various forms of support (meds, food, condolences, etc.). My vacay was back on track.

Since this is KB's birthday weekend, we had a reservation at the Hoop De Doo Review at Wilderness Campground. I am the only one who has attended, so the other three had no idea of what was in store. Which was basically all-you-can-eat fried chicken, baked beans, corn, cornbread, salad, beer, wine, and strawberry shortcake. All consumed during a hoe-down type show, full of singing, dancing, and corny jokes. For two hours. 

Once we wuz done eatin' and pickin' and grinnin', we headed for the Magic Kingdom. We saw some of the parade and had intended to watch the fireworks, but all that Hoop De Doo activity tired us out, so we headed back to the resort. I was hoping a good night's sleep would send Vertigo back to wherever she came from!!
Today is a gift because: spending most of the day in bed getting rid of the dizzies; getting rid of the dizzies; Hooping with Steve, Molly, and KB

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