Sunday, May 24, 2015

Winding Down

Today is our last full day for our Lewis Family Reunion Family Vacay. Maribeth returned to the family fold last night, so once again, we had an agenda. This morning most of the crew loaded up and headed to Build A Bear for some minion stuffing and ferris wheel riding. Meanwhile, John and his assistants were busy cooking a huge lunch in homage to our mom Evelyn.  Or maybe his "assistants" were sitting on the couch watching tv offering moral support. Hey - everyone has a role!!

Once the minions had been stuffed, that tour group returned to the cabin in time for the humans to get stuffed. Then it was time for everyone's requisite post-lunch nap. Once that was complete, a few went out in search of a real hike up the mountain. Which might have taken longer than expected since it seems that a few in the lead might have taken a wrong turn. The good news is that they all eventually found the waterfall. And the way back to the car!!

Meanwhile back at the cabin, the little bits and their caretakers went in search of a park. Steve left after lunch to get back to Nashville so he could pack for work travel tomorrow. I left later in the afternoon while the rest of the crew will pack up in the morning and head back to Mississippi, North Carolina, and Virginia. The Original Three Lewis Siblings of Reed Road came to Gatlinburg to eat, visit, and have some fun. And I can safely say that a great time was had by all!!
Today is a gift because: Molly's birthday!; delicious lunch prepared by John, Marilyn, and Anne; successful hike for some; playground fun for some; safe drives home for me and Steve; a great end to a great family reunion!

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