Sunday, December 16, 2007

Be My Guest

A few weeks ago, I decided the Disney guest room needed to be rearranged. It also needed a little tweaking. I can say that today it is complete - at least for now.

The pictures are pretty self-explanatory - even I hate to state the obvious. If it looks like a mouse, it is. I won't even mention the do-dads associated with various trips that are still in boxes. Today I completed the final steps - relocating the cable from one wall to another (which involved a trip underneath the house into the dark, creepy crawl space - the things I do for the mouse!), hanging the shelves between the new bulletin picture boards, and arranging the pictures and other bric-a-brac.

The only question that remains is, why do I have a Disney room? I think the answer is, why not?


Kat said...

What a fun room! Where on earth did you find that bedframe?? Have you ever been to Cast Connections? I hear it's fabulous!

Marilyn said...

NICE! Can't wait to visit!

Luanne said...

Just about everything in the room was bought from the Disney store online, on sale. I think it cost more to ship the bedframe than it cost!

Never been to Cast Connections - that would be very bad for this addict!