Friday, December 21, 2007

Our Magic Bullet Christmas

Welcome to the Davidson Family Christmas. We have it early so Sam and Lynnette can spend Christmas with her family in Texas. In some misguided attempt at creating special Christmas memories, we elected to create our own unique Christmas dinner. Last year it was Cereal Christmas, when everyone brought their favorite cereal. This year while sitting around the television at Thanksgiving, it came to us - The Magic Bullet.

For those of you who don't know, The Magic Bullet is a wondrous machine. At least that's what the infomercial told us. In the infomercial, a man and woman (relationship unknown) are in their kitchen, surrounded by their closest friends. In a matter of minutes, the couple are whipping out all sorts of delicious meals for their friends. Everyone is astounded at the fabulocity of this machine. For the Davidsons, it was the very thing for our Christmas feast because (1) it was a doo-dad, and (2) we had no clue as how to use it, and (3) we didn't have one. Inevitably, Magic Bullet Christmas was born.

These are the components of the Magic Bullet. We really don't know how to put them together, or really how to use it, because Davidsons don't read manuals. It is very colorful, though

Magic Bullet Christmas began with hors d’oeuvres. In this case, it was a visit to the Dippin Dots place in Nolensville. That's right, ice cream before dinner. We weren't sure if the Magic Bullet results would be edible, so this was also our insurance policy. Later, this proved to be an excellent move.

Once we arrived back at Springdoik (our home), Magic Bullet Christmas began in earnest. This is our lovely table with our first activity - Iron Skillet Selection. Our names were drawn from a traditional Arby's Christmas glass, and the selection que was formed. Then everyone in turn chose a size of iron skillet. We don't know why anybody thinks iron skillets are so wonderful, except that a lot of people swear by them. All we do know is that these were on sale, and nobody in the family has one, so it made sense that this needed to be part of our holiday celebration. Besides they were red! Now that the table was set, it was time to prepare our dinner.

Everyone began to get busy. We had chosen/been assigned a recipe out of the manual/recipe book (one book, so the recipes were ripped out - guess we could have photocopied them, but that would be too logical). Luanne had marinara sauce, Steve had milkshakes, Sam had quesadillas, Lynnette had hummus, Maribeth had cheesecake, and Molly had stuffed mushrooms. Needless to say that the recipe book/manual was a little limited in the recipe selection. This is an actual photograph of an attempt to use the Magic Bullet. I don't think it will get us in the next infomercial

Lynnette is a little too proud (or scared) of her hummus

Sam tried the Magic Bullet, but baled after one attempt and went for the knife. I guess liquid quesadillas wouldn't have been so great after all. He did try to individualize one for everyone, until he tried to simply pick out the veggies from the chicken mix for Vegetarian Molly. Who knew vegetarians could be so violent!

Here is our finished result. It looked more like an international dinner than Christmas dinner. I'm not sure why the skillets were still on the table, except to take up space where real food should have been.

Finally, once everyone had tried as much as they could possible stomach, it was time for gift card exchange and Santa. I'm not sure why Molly is so excited, unless it's because the Magic Bullet part is over.

So, The 2007 Davidson Family Christmas has been put to rest. The Magic Bullet has been cleaned and placed in the cabinet until someone claims it. After all, it really wasn't about the food - it was about our family and what makes us special. The love we share, the fun we have, and the memories we create - that's truly what Christmas means to us.

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