Sunday, June 16, 2013

Training Has Begun

This weekend marked the first week that Udderly Pink,  our 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk team has officially done back to back training walks.  Yesterday we did 7ish and today we did 6ish.  Although it's been a year since we've had to train, it's amazing how quickly the agony and the ecstasy returned.  The icky news is that we've only begun - in the next few months (yes, summer in Nashville) our mileage will only increase.  As will the temperature.

Today's walk was fun.  We meandered around town, noticing stores and places that we've never noticed even though we've all lived here for awhile.  We stopped and made pictures, stopped and had a doughnut and frozen hot chocolate, and stopped for a little window shopping.  It was a good first back-to-backer.

The good thing is that as a team, we're pretty good.  That means we're all slow and prone to want to stop at the same places.  We laugh a lot and talk a lot and get confused a lot (which is why Molly is along - to guide the elderly).  Each of us is getting closer to our donation goals (and you can donate here if you want) and looking forward to those 60 miles in 3 days in Washington, D.C.

We're just hoping there's a Krispy Kreme on the route!!
The Good Stuff From Today:  6 miles with the team; chicken pasta dinner with most of the family; Lindley and Everley time; safe travel from Omaha for Sam and Steve; finishing the Batman trilogy

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