Saturday, June 29, 2013


When some people vacation, they like to just sit on a beach or on their porch in the mountains and just sit.  Other people like to go places to be entertained and work on being entertained until they drop from exhaustion.  I like to go on vacation and get something accomplished in addition to sitting and being entertained.  Here's what Molly and I did today ...

First we got up and went to Typhoon Lagoon.  We went with the sole purpose of riding the lazy river.  Which we did, for one loop.  At that point we decided to get out and sit on the beach to dry off and read magazines.  We then had enough time to make a Wal-Mart run for needed supplies, return to our room, change clothes, and head to Epcot for lunch at TuTu's Italian place, which was quite delicious.

We returned to our rooms and proceeded to work on our project which is our coupon project.  A few weeks ago, Molly decided to start couponing and enlisted Mathieu and me to join her.  Basically she will handle organizing the coupons and finding the deals, and Mathieu and I will do the shopping.  **NOTE - this will not be the show where I go and buy 273 boxes of Ex-Lax because I have the coupons.  I will only buy 79.**

Anyhow, after a initial trip last week that yielded 2 razors and 1 candy bar that ended up being free, I was game to start this new adventure.  So, Molly brought all the coupons that she had downloaded (which were probably 600) and her organizer stuff in the car with us.  For the next few hours, we organized coupons and planned our strategy.  At some point we called time, and left to do some shopping at the outlet mall and have dinner (both of which had questionable results).

So, what is vacation?  It's just what you make it and want it to be for you.  For us, it's a little rest and relaxation, a little fun, a lot of eating, a lot of shopping, and maybe even a little of work.  The important thing is to do stuff that we enjoy without the hassle of being at home and all the stuff we need to do there.  In other words, we had a great day!!
The Good Stuff From Today:  lazy river-ing with Molly; lasagna lunch; outlet and Wal-Mart shopping; rain showers; crazy dinner eating; coupon organizing


Denise in PA said...

Yes, the point of vacation is having a great day - no matter what you do!! You know my idea of a great vacation, and it usually always involves a mouse! Do you know I've only ever been to the water parks once - and that was back when the kids were little. I like the sound of riding the lazy river! Have fun!

Marilyn said...

Can I enroll Eddie in this coupon co-op?