Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Disney Memory

Today Sam, Lynnette, and I experienced the Wilderness Back Trail Segway Adventure. We had great guides and a great time. It was a bit cooler than expected, so when we were finished we stopped to grab a hot chocolate to warm up our frostbitten hands.

While we were hoping for some really good hot chocolate, we were handed a instant cocoa packet and directed to the hot water. Lynnette started mixing hers first. The cast member who sold it to us asked Lynnette if it was okay, then spent a lot of time making sure Lynnette's mixture was the best it could be. This lady mixed the cocoa, then poured it back and forth between two cups. She then asked Lynnette multiple times if it was okay, really okay. Lynnette assured her it was, but the lady was not finished until she had topped off Lynnette's drink with some whipped cream.

So it wasn't the hot chocolate we were expecting, but it certainly wasn't the service we expected either. And in the end, it won't be the quality of the chocolate that we remember, but the kindness of the lady, which is really the thing worth remembering after all.

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