Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lessons from a Computer

Today is one of those days that I would like to grump about my computer. It will load some pages and not others. Some sites I can load if I sneak in the back way. Some simply refuse to load for no good reason (to me, anyway). It's a pain in the rear and tends to make me frustrated.

But instead of fussing about a message that says "Page will not load", I will choose to be happy about the pages I can read. I can read about little boys battling cancer who are having a good day. I can read quotes and see pictures that inspire and uplift me. I can pull up some pages that I want and need to read. In other words, I will celebrate the things I can get to and just let the other stuff go.

It's a great way to tackle life, celebrating the things that we can do and letting some of the other things go until it's time to deal with them. By not wasting time fretting over that which I can't do, I have more time to enjoy the things I can do.

Maybe God planned it that way for me. Maybe I need to learn that time is best spent doing the important things - I just have to realize what they are!

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