Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lessons from the Rose Bushes

My next task is to get the splinter out of my finger. I got it today when I was clearing out my rosebushes. The splinter goes nicely with the other gouges and scratches on my hands.

I don't like clearing out the rosebushes. There are a lot of potential owies, and the job is quite tedious. But I know it is essential for the roses to live through the winter and become beautiful again next spring. I put this job off as long as I could, until today when I had to do it.

Last year I cut off the branches in long lengths. It was quicker, but I couldn't put it easily into bags. I felt guilty putting them out for the unsuspecting city workers to grab as they drove their refuse truck down the street. This year I cut the branches into six-inch lengths. It made the task longer, but it was quite simple to bag them, thus creating an easy task for the city workers - all they have to do is grab the bag and go.

So what are my lessons from today?

1. Sometimes the most beautiful things are hurtful underneath. But those things are their for protection, and there are ways around them. (In other words, just because some people are snooty to me, maybe there's a reason, and there's always some way to be nice to them.)

2. Sometimes beautiful things have to be cut back to the basics, in order to become beautiful again. (Every one and every thing needs a period of rest and recuperation in order to be at their best.)

3. Sometimes people who are trying to help get hurt in the process. (If you're trying to help someone and get snapped at, just keep at it, because you know it's for good. If you're the snapping one, just remember that the helper is just that - trying to help you.)

4. Just because there's a quicker way doesn't make it better. (By putting a task into smaller steps, your result works out much better, regardless of any extra time).

5. Every eventual task has to be done - so get out and do it! (Procrastination never did anything - so quitcherbellyachin and get busy!)

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