Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just What I Need - Another Series!

Yesterday I spent too much time watching "Raising the Bar" on TNT. It's a new series that I had meant to watch when it started, but didn't. TNT reeled me in yesterday by having a marathon of all the episodes. My name is Luanne and I am hooked.

I've been a fan of Steven Bochco's work since "Cop Rock" and "Hill Street Blues". He's snagged me again. The characters are well written and clearly defined. Most of the actors totally inhabit the characters they play. The most surprising is Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Instead of his blond wavy hairdo of "Saved by the Bell," he sports long stringy dark hair. He's drinks too much and is loud and pushy, clearly leaving "Zack" behind.

So, now I have another something to watch, and will be waiting for the summer of 2009 for new episodes. Too bad the marathon isn't on again tonight, so I would have something to watch instead of slow election returns and constant over-opinionated newscaster commentary.

Oh well, there's always some form of Law and Order on somewhere!

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