Monday, November 17, 2008

Dealing with Too Much

I am not a clothes horse. But I do have too many clothes, especially some that I don't wear or haven't worn in awhile. Today I remedied some of that.

I went through my closet and collected clothes that I no longer want to wear and bagged them for Goodwill. If I didn't feel good wearing a particular item, Goodwill got it. Maybe somebody else will feel good wearing those clothes.

I also filled three boxes. Two were marked "June" and one was marked "May." Next spring on the first day of those months, I am going to open those boxes. If I can fit into those clothes and feel good in them, I'm going to keep them (and wear them). If I can't fit into them, Goodwill gets another box.

Sometimes there is just too much excess in our lives. We keep it around thinking we might need it, instead of dealing realistically with it. We should either we use it, get rid of it, or make a plan for it. Today I did it with clothes. Tomorrow maybe I will do it with some other "stuff" I have. Maybe another day I will do the same with some emotional or mental excess that's doing nothing but clogging up my life.

It's liberating to realize how much "stuff" we don't need and can do without. We just have to be willing to stop, really consider it, and deal with it.

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